Sunday, January 14, 2007

Welcome 2007 and Happy Birthday...

2007 started with a bang...

I spent New Years with Tim and Ange at Tim's brothers place in Barwon heads... Was a bbq and tashy party. Caught the train back to Melb the next day.

Two weeks later it was my birthday, to true Marky style I celebrated... I organised a get together at Riverland, a bar by the river next to Fed square. I was supposed to have a quiet friday night and then head down to Riverland about midday... I went out on friday night and didn't make it home till 11 in the morning. Totally dishevelled, I managed to somehow make myself presentable and arrive at Riverland at about 1 in the arvo. After a bottle of french champagne things started to feel a bit better.

The day was great and friends came, went and some stayed for the long hall... We then started another night of bar hopping... I knew I should have taken the first work day after my birthday off... From this day forward I will!

On my actual birthday I passed out in the back yard in the sun, I woke up a whole lot browner... :) some people say it was red, but I'm choosing to ignore that.