Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Just Ate It

I've just created a new blog. It's about what I eat and where I eat it.

I find that my meals tend to have a story and I felt like sharing it with the world.

I want it to be funny and I want it to have some reviews that will help people decide where to eat and where not to eat.

So be warned my friends, if you have me over for dinner you will no doubtly end up in my blog and your efforts will be reviewed and commented upon. If I'm gonna slag the meal, I'll dicuss it with you and if you don't like what I'm going to say I'll be polite and make it a short post.

I wonder if this means people with think twice about inviting me over for dinner... Or will it mean that you will take up the challenge and throw invites my way ;)

All this blogging... I don't think I've ever written this much before in my life.

Eat up.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mr Moon you walk upon the water...

I'm sure there have been a million blog posts written tonight about the eclipse of the Moon tonight, so I thought I'd add mine to the list.

As I walked home, the moon was very bright and there were clouds hanging around, it looked like it was going to be a no show for the moon... ha ha ha

After calls from Mum and messages from Juz I finally got off my butt and went out and check out the eclipse. It was amazing, all red and not really there. It really brings home the concept of these huge objects floating around in space (The earth, sun and moon).

The thoughts going through my head were memories of the Solar eclipse I saw a couple of years back and the Headless Chickens' song Mr Moon.

Go Moon!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fuck you McAfee!

Oh My God!

I just spent the last bloody hour trying to get my computer online! Now I'm not a computer novice by any description and I was ready to throw my laptop through the nearest window. But instead I've uninstalled McAfee and I'm venting by writing this blog post abusing their stupid unusable software!

So last November I got my brand new Dell M1210 laptop, I was a little disappointed that it came with an 18 month McAfee subscription and not a Norton one but hey, I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and use it.

So, for the last 9 months or so, I've been really happy with McAfee. More than happy! It had been non-intrusive, there had been this nifty feature which identified safe sites returned in Google searches, the spam filtering in Outlook had been working really well.

I've had friends who had Norton and they had experienced no end of trouble with it being to agressive and I have friends who have Trend which had stopped all of their outbound emails... ha I had thought, thank god I had McAfee...

Tonight it all changed! Looking back there had been times when my internet connection just wasn't connecting so I had reboot the lappy and the router and eventually it had come up. But after doing that a couple of times tonight and not being able to surf the net, download emails or sign into MSN or Skype!

Okay, problem solving time... I could ping URL's so it meant that domain names were being resolved and I was connected to the internet. So I thought, well could be the firewall... I opened up the McAfee control panel and tried to turn it off, but it just didn't like that, there is no OFF switch, there is no OFF switch... Do you know how annoying that is? It's my PC when I say off I mean OFF! I know they say it's for saftey, feels more like they don't want their software turned off... So I opened up task manager and started hacking at the McAfee services and turning them off...

Woah... All of a sudden my MSN had connected... I connected to a site... Cripes... what was that... then all of a sudden everything crapped out again... I continued hacking at the services, hang on, didn't I kill you? The bloody things were regenerating and reloading! I'm sure that is for safety but it's bloody anoying!

So that was it, I uninstalled it, by now I was less than impressed... What had happened? I was online this morning, I hadn't turned the lappy on all day and then it wouldn't go tonight! I'm sure it's a combo of Vista and McAfee, but McAfee is easier to ditch than Vista is so see ya later and good riddence!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


So my latest addiciton is facebook... Can't remember if I've posted about this before or not, so this could be a bit of a repeat sentence...

Alas, I started with MySpace... It was fun for a while but sort of lacked some usability and just didn't keep my attention in the end, I found it frustrating... In comes facebook, I had signed up to both at about the same time and had focused on my MySpace profile. After getting bored with MySpace and the sudden take up of facebook in Australia I changed my focus. I find facebook better in the fact that your home page lists all the updates for your friends and yourself in one useable page. If you want to see more detail about someone's activities it's easy to view their profile. The layout is cleaner and there is no chance of someone creating some monstrosity!

The reason for this post is to mention, I was looking at facebook applications to add to my page and came across this... It's not like it's never been done before, but you email photos to an address and they are uploaded into your radar profile/account. The facebook application shows the photos and makes an announcement as to what you are doing and shows your photo with it.

I've just started using it and it's easy, there is even a java application that you can install on your phone to view the photos and edit the comments... very cool... I'd better watch how much traffic I put through on my phone, this could become an expensive hobby :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Amazing Human Body...

Today I went to The Amazing Human Body" Exhibition... I'd heard about this exhibition which was all these preserved and cut up human bodies... I'd heard story of one body which had been skinned and was setup as if he was holding it (the skin that is)...

People had called it grotesque when I had told them about it, I wasn't sure how I would find it...

The two words I'd use to describe it are fascinating and gross! The vertical and horizontal slices of the body has to be seen, If you've ever seen the Cell with Jennifer Lopez (one of her best) it's something similar to what is done to the horse!

So I didn't see a body holding it's skin, but there was an exhibit of a person's skin. It's perspex cover had no base and so it was just sitting over the skin and moved when pushed... Well the skin was just touching all the sides so I gave the lid a little push to see what the texture of the skin would be... I thought it would be all dry and hard... But it wasn't it was springy... errr gross...

Any way... it was amazing... deffinitely a must see... but it was still gross...

Friday, August 03, 2007

The family photo from hell....

This is my beautiful flat mates....

johnston Street Family

Matt and Ben

Here are some photos of my friends Matt and Ben...

Matt and Ben