Sunday, August 12, 2007


So my latest addiciton is facebook... Can't remember if I've posted about this before or not, so this could be a bit of a repeat sentence...

Alas, I started with MySpace... It was fun for a while but sort of lacked some usability and just didn't keep my attention in the end, I found it frustrating... In comes facebook, I had signed up to both at about the same time and had focused on my MySpace profile. After getting bored with MySpace and the sudden take up of facebook in Australia I changed my focus. I find facebook better in the fact that your home page lists all the updates for your friends and yourself in one useable page. If you want to see more detail about someone's activities it's easy to view their profile. The layout is cleaner and there is no chance of someone creating some monstrosity!

The reason for this post is to mention, I was looking at facebook applications to add to my page and came across this... It's not like it's never been done before, but you email photos to an address and they are uploaded into your radar profile/account. The facebook application shows the photos and makes an announcement as to what you are doing and shows your photo with it.

I've just started using it and it's easy, there is even a java application that you can install on your phone to view the photos and edit the comments... very cool... I'd better watch how much traffic I put through on my phone, this could become an expensive hobby :)


Unknown said...

My radar invitation code...

If I've inspired you to join or check out Radar, my username is 'markmoynihan' and my invitation code is 'rock693'.

Signup and add me as a friend.

Unknown said...

Well... I learned the hard way that you shouldn't advertise your invitation code! hmmm silly me.

So I've changed it. Send me an email or something if you want to be my friend.