Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Just Ate It

I've just created a new blog. It's about what I eat and where I eat it.

I find that my meals tend to have a story and I felt like sharing it with the world.

I want it to be funny and I want it to have some reviews that will help people decide where to eat and where not to eat.

So be warned my friends, if you have me over for dinner you will no doubtly end up in my blog and your efforts will be reviewed and commented upon. If I'm gonna slag the meal, I'll dicuss it with you and if you don't like what I'm going to say I'll be polite and make it a short post.

I wonder if this means people with think twice about inviting me over for dinner... Or will it mean that you will take up the challenge and throw invites my way ;)

All this blogging... I don't think I've ever written this much before in my life.

Eat up.

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