Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All aboard for Obidos

We headed out for Obidos, it was given a 5 star must see rating.

Obidos is a city which has been built inside the walls of a castle on the top of a hill. The place was another ancient and amazing Portugese sight, it was given by Dom Dinis one of Portugal's Kings to his bride Dona Isabel as a wedding gift in 1228.

You can walk around the tops of the castle walls which are scarily high and there are no rails on the inside.. We spent a bit of time exploring the city and came across this bar area at the back of the village and at one of the highest points. It was a terraced area which had trees providing shade and a low wall with bench seats built into it. We sat there, had a beer and relaxed in the tranquility as we looked out over the village and surrounding areas from the top of the hill.

It was very dreamy, I felt like I could sit up there for a year, drinking and soaking up the silence. Even a call from work didn't disturb the peace, all I would need is a wireless internet connection there and I could sit there for a year!

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