Friday, September 08, 2006

Guincho, Sintra, Cascais

Ola, Bon dia.

I was staying in a camping ground in Guincho, which also happened to be it's name, which was just outside the town of Cascais.

Most of the grooms friends and family (mostly kiwis with a few poms) ended up staying there, so there were about 40 of us in these bungalows. As always we showed the locals our hospitality and how to party :)

The beach there was the ice cold atlantic and it is usually always windy there.

I was staying in a bunglaow with friends Tim and Ange, so we got to explore the area while the bridal party went about the business of preparing for the wedding. This also gave me a chance to whip out the trusty Lonely Planet phrasebook I bought in London.


The first place we got to explore was Sintra, again with the help of Rachael and Todd who had hired a car, we went to the historical village of Sintra. The place is pre-historic and dare I say it beautiful.

The roads are very narrow usually with buildings or high retaining walls on either side, which makes for fun driving. The roads and foot paths are also tiled with square pavers about 5cm square... to make it even more amazing, or worse if you had to lay them, they were usually layed in patterns and the foot paths were like mosaics. Apparently they had prisoners do all the work...

The place is over looked by this ancient Moorish castle. There are also palace's scattered around the hill, one of which the wedding reception was held at.

This is a must see if you come to Portugal.


We ate there, caught the train to Lisbon from here, jumped in the ocean and practiced our Portugese on the poor unsuspecting locals.

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