Wednesday, September 20, 2006


A great thing about Portugal is that it is about 700KM from top to bottom, this means that it is shorter than the North Island of New Zealand. I have been told that Portugal has the most varied landscapes per sq meter of any country. This fact makes it a great place to do a driving tour as it never really takes long to get to your next destination.

Our destination after Salamanca was Porto. You should pick it up out of the name but if you hadn't, this is the home of Port, so we were looking forward to sampling the local fare.

We arrived in town and started our customary search for the town centre and a tourismo. Porto is alot bigger than the previous towns we had explored so we spent considerably more time driving around in circles and circles and circles... We eventually found the town centre and a tourismo, so we parked the car in an underground car park, where we narrowly avoided slamming the car into the wall, this caused hysterical laughter for quite sometime.

After an exhausting search we finally found some accomodation which over looked the centre town square.

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