Monday, November 24, 2014

Are we really what we eat?

My interest in nutrition actually started many years ago; to be honest it was when I had signed up as Neways consultant. Part of the training was to listen to tapes which discussed nutrition being the answer to fighting disease rather than pharmaceuticals. Some of my early influences were Anthony Robbins who was into eating food that didn't have eyes; this started my experimentation with vegetarianism, or as it soon became know as 'Flexitarianism'. I just can't say no to Duck!

Following on from this I attended Michelle's Natural Food Preparation Classes, which Jason Donald and I discovered at one of our Neways meetings. I got a number of my go to dishes and non toxic practices from the classes that I still use today.

It was probably around four years back that I caught up with Ol’ Mate Kate Radford, she had just returned from the south of France where she was nannying on a super yacht. Whilst off duty and lying around on deck sunning herself, Kate had been investigating nutrition.

When I caught up with Kate she told me of this diet where you had to eat fat (chicken skin), couldn’t eat carbs and had to work out; this conversation planted a seed…

That seed grew, piqued my interest in nutrition again and after some Googling and I came across the Paleo movement. I spent the next 2 and a bit years reading, listening to podcasts and experimenting with Paleo and some of the Paleo variants like Mark Sisson’s slow carb program.

It wasn’t long before my born again Paleo preaching started to drive everyone around me nuts. Like all the other Paleo nuts, we became the new jehova’s witnesses of nutrition. And then, slowly but surely, the Paleo movement became more and more mainstream and more and more people came on board.

I think it’s quite logical really, some of the guiding ideas behind Paleo is that the food you eat isn’t processed, is as whole as possible and represents what humans have eaten for the past million odd years.

So all the time that I was experimenting with Paleo I had in the back of my head the original message from Kate; Fat is good…

Then in November last year, I went to Gold Coast for a holiday and stayed with Kate’s sister Sarah Radford; one of my best friends from College. As you might expect, Kate had gotten Sarah on board and she was on the fat program.

This trip was just what I needed, we listened to some Keto oriented podcasts as we drove around and the food we ate was in keeping with the macro nutrient ratios one needs to enter a state of ketosis.

There this story begins...

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cereal Killers the Movie

I just saw this movie, Cereal Killers, and was inspired to share it!

Check it out and pass it on!

Professor Tim Noakes is one of my new heroes!