Sunday, February 11, 2007

Barcelona and Goudy...

After a relaxing morning, hiding from the rain and watching spanish DVD's we headed out to see a bit of Barcelona and la Sagrada Familia.

The main tourist centre of Barcelona is called les Ramblas, it's a kilometer long plaza which houses buskers through the day and protitutes through the night. On the east side of Les Ramblas is the Barique Gothic which is as the name suggest 'Gothic' the buildings are very 'churchy' in design. Quite tall buildings which make up a maze of alley ways. They would hose down the streets every night, but all the dogs which ran wild thorough the streets made sure there was enough urine to make it smell. On the west side of Les Ramblas is El Raval, the poorest and dodgiest part to central Barcelona, a couple of good bars and restaurants here and also one of the scariest streets...

La Sagrada Familia is the largest construction project currently underway on the planet and it truely is the most amazing. I have never seen a building that is more awe-inspiring than this. You have to go and see it for yourselves as words cannot do it justice. Even though it's a church and I don't do the whole church thing this is deffinitely a must see.

We finished the day with an amazing meal at an organic vegetarian restaurant, one of the best meals I'd had on my whole trip!
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