Saturday, February 10, 2007


James dropped us off at the train station in the morning and then headed back to Lisbon where he started his journey back to Australia. I wouldn't have picked that day to fly, I don't think James thought about it when he booked his flights.

We had a relaxing, uneventful train ride to Madrid.

When we got to Madrid we decided that we would just go straight to Barcelona... Little did we know, but September the 11th is the aniversary of the conquering of Catalonia by the Spanish in 1714. Aparantly the Catalonian's fought valiantly but lost, they celebrate the day anyway. This being the case, all transport to Barcelona from Madrid was fully booked out. Opps... We booked tickets on the express train to Barcelona, leaving the next day.

We were in Madrid for the night! Excellent, it was a good excuse to check out a new city. We booked into a hostel called Cats, if you are in Madrid and looking for a Hostel, it's deffinitely the place to go. Great facilities and a bar underneath with well priced drinks.

After we checked into Cats, we explored Madrid for a couple of hours. It was very hot and dry.... Very developed too, lots of stone and concrete, everywhere. Early evening we went to the bar at Cats, it was great, we met up with people from all over the world and before too long everyone in the room was hanging out and swapping stories. We all got progressively drunker and then went out dancing at some of the local clubs...

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