Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bicycles and Vista

Well I finally got my hands on Vista at work today. Still waiting for it for my lappy, but at least I get to have a play. It installed fine, took a couple of attempts to join it to the domain, I don't think it liked having the same name as my poota's previous incarnation... Opps... :)

When it installed it came up with the right video driver, but no sound driver... a couple of minutes later I started to hear clicks and beeps... The bloody thing had gone out, found them and installed them! Did the same when I plugged in my web cam too... Huh! So much for the skeptics that said there were no drivers and all that crap :)

The repair work on my bike didn't go down as well as my Vista install, there was no self repair... bugger... The back wheel is better, but there is still some clunking... I'll have to take it out for a test ride... Throw it about and see if it stays in one piece :)

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