Monday, February 19, 2007

My take on 2007...

I cancelled my gym membership in December, I always find that I never go during December and January as I'm always off doing other things or not in town. I started riding my bike in from Sunshine to work every day... This way I get to do my exercise and travelling at the same time, it was a great optimisation of time and talk about great exercise...

Each way is about 16km, takes about 40minutes and burns off 500 calories, 35% of which are from fat!!! Only problem is my beloved bike which is very old and done me well for many many kilometers is definitely on it's last legs. I went out on it tonight and the rear hub is loose and needs some tlc... or maybe I should just replace it... hmm just the wheel or maybe the whole bike...

Actually, I really want to move back into the city, Sunshine is just a bit too far out of the city for my social life. I need to be a bit closer, getting home late at night is way too expensive and totally inconvenient. And living close to work would be very nice... Walking to work would be a dream, then I wouldn't need to get a new bike so I'm going to just try and fix the wheel and put up with it until I can save up for a new one (most probably after I pay off my laptop).

So the main things I have planned so far are:
  • James and Trin's wedding in Sydney
  • Move into the city
  • Finish paying off the laptop
  • Get a new pushy

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