Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fuck you McAfee!

Oh My God!

I just spent the last bloody hour trying to get my computer online! Now I'm not a computer novice by any description and I was ready to throw my laptop through the nearest window. But instead I've uninstalled McAfee and I'm venting by writing this blog post abusing their stupid unusable software!

So last November I got my brand new Dell M1210 laptop, I was a little disappointed that it came with an 18 month McAfee subscription and not a Norton one but hey, I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and use it.

So, for the last 9 months or so, I've been really happy with McAfee. More than happy! It had been non-intrusive, there had been this nifty feature which identified safe sites returned in Google searches, the spam filtering in Outlook had been working really well.

I've had friends who had Norton and they had experienced no end of trouble with it being to agressive and I have friends who have Trend which had stopped all of their outbound emails... ha I had thought, thank god I had McAfee...

Tonight it all changed! Looking back there had been times when my internet connection just wasn't connecting so I had reboot the lappy and the router and eventually it had come up. But after doing that a couple of times tonight and not being able to surf the net, download emails or sign into MSN or Skype!

Okay, problem solving time... I could ping URL's so it meant that domain names were being resolved and I was connected to the internet. So I thought, well could be the firewall... I opened up the McAfee control panel and tried to turn it off, but it just didn't like that, there is no OFF switch, there is no OFF switch... Do you know how annoying that is? It's my PC when I say off I mean OFF! I know they say it's for saftey, feels more like they don't want their software turned off... So I opened up task manager and started hacking at the McAfee services and turning them off...

Woah... All of a sudden my MSN had connected... I connected to a site... Cripes... what was that... then all of a sudden everything crapped out again... I continued hacking at the services, hang on, didn't I kill you? The bloody things were regenerating and reloading! I'm sure that is for safety but it's bloody anoying!

So that was it, I uninstalled it, by now I was less than impressed... What had happened? I was online this morning, I hadn't turned the lappy on all day and then it wouldn't go tonight! I'm sure it's a combo of Vista and McAfee, but McAfee is easier to ditch than Vista is so see ya later and good riddence!
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