Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Vista is a sack of S**T!!!

Okay, I've had enough!

So I was an early adopter of Vista and I loved it, well, I love the improvements that they have made to the interface.

I'm used to all the changes and I don't like to go back to the XP interface...

But god knows what they did under the hood! It would have to be the worst performing operating system they have ever produced. I'm sick of the lethargic response I receive when I click on something, I'm sick of my computer locking up and trying to catch up with itself and I absolutely detest the fact that an application will turn opaque and stop responding...

I am over Vista, I'd rather use DOS.

Microsoft, Windows 7 had better be all it's cracked up to be and it had better work on my Laptop.

Grrrr on you for Vista! It's a DUD!