Wednesday, September 20, 2006

You can't always trust the turismo!

After our peaceful afternoon in Obidos, we headed to Comimbra... The town of the first university and can you guess what that means? Yep, a uni town, didn't really think of that before hand.

We arrived in Coimbra and spent the first hour or so driving around in circles trying to work out the one way roads and find the tourismo.

We found the turismo, and headed inside to find accomodation and nightlife details. We were directed to a place to stay the night in a great location near the middle of town and by the river. The bee-arch at the tourismo also pointed out the hotspots in town. One was near the university and the other was by the river, she told us that at this time of the year people would hang out at cafe/bars by the river and ever so helpfully marked it out on the map for us.

We left the tourismo and headed for the place we were staying, we missed a turnoff due to the crappy nature and lack of detail in our maps and I ended up driving us down this very narrow street. Was deffinitely one of those things you had to be there to see, but it was very humourous...

Anyway, we got ready and headed out to the cafe/bar area by the river where we thought we would have dinner and then start socialising... We headed to the river and started walking towards the area we had been directed towards. We walked and walked and walked... And walked and walked and walked until we were over walking and got out the map and tried to work out if we had missed it or hadn't made it there yet. After back tracking someway and consulting the map frequently we worked out that the bird from the tourismo had sent us on a wild goose chase and the area she had sent us to was wild bush land... By this stage we had been walking for over an hour and were very hungry!!!

Everything eventually works out, we were wondering around the town centre looking for somewhere to eat to eat when I saw a cute local who we aproached and tried to ask if he knew of a good place to eat. It just so happened that he worked at a restaurant! He lead us down a few back streets and took us to this authentic place with lots of locals hanging round. The food was the usual over dose of meat with fries and lettuce, which we were noticing seemed to be standard fare.

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