Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Going out in Coimbra

Well after going on a wild goose chase, we thought we would give the other area a go. So we trudged up the hill towards the uni and inevitably the uni pubs!!!

After consuming too many litres of beer, James headed back to the room and Wayne and I took off to find some more nightlife.

We found this club, whose name escapes me and entered. It is common in Portugese clubs to get a card when you enter that your drinks get listed on and then when you leave you go to the cashier and pay for them. Novel...

We experienced dancing with a very drunk hen and her party. I met some really nice people who I attempted to converse with and I met the standard student types, reminded me a lot of being out in Palmerston North (NZ Uni town).... hmmmm yuk....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

You look Prettier on Sunday Mornings