Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Singapore girl you are a great way to fly...

The leg from Singapore to London saw me sitting in the middle of the central block of 4 seats, you practically sit on top of the person next to you... Thank god they weren't the size of a house, there was a bit of competition for the arm rest but it wasn't like world war 3.

The saving grace for the flight was the on demand movies, I don't think I have ever sat of my arse for that long watching movies... I've seen most of the ones I want to see, so I hope they change them before the trip back otherwise it is going to be a looong flight.

One bad thing to say, we had the air stewardess running back and forth fetching us drinks and food, and then on one trip she exclaimed 'Is there anything else?'... Well honey, it's your job!

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