Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kat's birthday weekend away.

Well, what a weekend! Oscar had his summer range launch on Thursday night, which he had been working on for over a month. I had taken Friday and Monday off, as I knew Thursday would be big and it also meant I could stay away with Kat for an extra day.

The launch was great, Kat and Nugget came to that and left at a respectful time so they would be able to get up the next day, pick Darryl and Steve up from the AirPort and make it down to Wilsons Prom. I however did not.

After a trashy event and then going out, I was in no state to get up in time, then I went to another Fashion show, so I missed all the rides down to the Prom. Oscar offered me the use of his car so I invited him down. Saturday afternoon when we woke up, we jumped in the car and took off towards the Prom, armed only with a zoomed out Google Map's map.

I think that a WhereIs map would have been better as Google Maps are notorious for sending you the wrong way down a one way street. Combine that with the blonde nature of Oscar and Myself and we had a recipe for distraction.

It took us 6 hours to do a 2 hour trip. We missed freeway turn offs, took the long way round and then passed where we were supposed to be and drove all the way through to the point of Wilsons Prom.

We finally made it to the house at about 8. We even drove straight past Steve who was waiting outside the house waving to us.

The place was fantastic the front was all glass and offered amazing sea views. Pip and Phil cooked an amazing meal with a Mango salad and a Duck salad... hmmm

We spent the next day exploring the Prom, then crashed on the couch for idol with a couple of drinks we passed out (as per normal) on the couch.

The drive back wasn't quite as long but we did miss quite a few of the off ramps again...

Happy birthday Kat... x

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