Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barack Obama - Evita - Madonna

I am so happy and so pleased that the American people have 'come out' and voted for Barack Obama.

It is inspiring that someone with such intellectual and balanced judgment has been put forward to lead his nation. A nation that has so much potential to lead the world in showing acceptance and equality.

And here is an insight to the camp side of my life...

It just so happens, that at this time of Obama I have been exposed to Evita.

Are we sure that Andrew Lloyd Webber is not gay?

I loved Phantom and I love Evita. Fabulous.

I've only just come to see the similarities in their story... Although there are some major differences.

They have both envigorated their fellow country man to fight for their rights...

Wealth and prosperity to all... It's not a communist thought... Just check out this link, I read it today and think it's great...

Either way, they have/will bring a great revolution to their country.

Obama, I look forward to the next eight years of your presidency.

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