Monday, December 07, 2009

Tony Moynihan marries Vanessa McLean

Today my brother Tony married his girl friend Vanessa. I wasn't able to make it to London for the wedding, so I sent them this telegram:

Dear Vanessa and Tony,

First, I'll start off by welcoming Vanessa into our family and wishing her the best of luck :) she's going to need it.

I've know Tony all of his life, a large chunk of which has been across the Tasman, but the bonds of brotherly love are strong and geographical separation has not changed that.

I can still remember at primary school Tony sticking up for his older brother against the school bullies... A slightly embarrassing memory for me, but a good indication of his strength of character and loyalty.

I had been afraid that Tony would never leave New Zealand, but someone special entered his life, he got off his butt and worked his way to London. That had been the biggest and is turning out to be the most rewarding decision of his life.

Just over a year ago, our grandmother passed away, I know that she would have been so happy that one of her grandchildren had been married off and that she finally had a granddaughter.

Which makes me think that it is kind of surreal that I am going to have a sister in law, a welcome and much needed addition to our Male dominated family. Vanessa, I hope you don't make his sandwiches in the morning and when it comes to the house work, make him do the toilet!

I love my brother and we see each other far too sporadically, but thank jehova for Facebook, I get to see what you are up to and some oh so unsavoury photos... Watch out, I set mother up with a Facebook account too, so the mothers mafia still knows what you are getting up to.

Vanessa, you have made a great choice and I hope you and Tony have fun together on life's oh so bumpy road.

I wish I could be there with you today to celebrate and I look forward to meeting Vanessa soon. I hope you guys have a spare room.

I know Mum and Dad are very happy for the both of you and with all of my love, congratulations.

Marky Mark

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