Sunday, October 22, 2006

Arrival in Salamanca

We rocked up to Salamanca and got stuck on these one way streets which seemed to usher us round in circles. Cars were bumper to bumper driving round looking for parks and so were we.

Quick note to self: Avoid driving round Spainish towns when they are in the middle of a festival.

We finally got over the whole driving and traffic thing and parked the car just out of the city centre, got out and walked. Wise move. The city centre wasn't that big anyway and it was quite easy to get from one side to the other, further out and it just becomes horrible suburbia like any other city.

The city seemed to be build around this huge square plaza, quite awesome, this huge square which is surrounded by this 4-5 story building. We got a table and had a coke and looked at the local accomodation book. The coke was at tourist prices and it cost like $5 - $7 AUD or something crazy like that... No tip for you!

Another thing to note to self about going to a town where there is a festival on... book the accomodation in advance!!! We started calling everyone in the book and the story was the same, all booked out, and they were saying that everyone else in town was booked out too! As we were resigning to the fact that we might have to drive on to Madrid we luckily managed to call some a place that had a 3 bed room which was booked but the ppl hadn't arrived yet. We were told if we got there before they did, the room was ours... We took off and made it there, feeling slightly guilty for taking someones room and totally relieved that we had found a place to stay.

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