Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bye bye Portugal, Hello Spain

A decision was made that we had done our dash in Portugal and Spain was beckoning. So we got out the map and planned our journey over the border. We decided on a place called Salamanca, we had been given a reccomendation from some Kiwi tourists we met in Obidos, they said there was some festival going on. According to the map it looked like it would take 7 - 9 hours to get there, so we decided to leave at 6 the next morning so we could get there and have some time to find accomodation.

Well we did leave early, early the next morning and due to a slight map reading error it only took us about 4 or so hours. We had been using the wrong distance thingy and had over estimated the distance, could have been worse.

The drive was nice, mainly big open freeways. There was no one on the border to check passports or stamp our leaving pass, so I guess they thing I'm still there.

The land in Spain seemed dryer and flatter.

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